Build, control and create – Practice 1


This session aims to help players become comfortable building the play, equipping them with options to build through, around or over the press and emphasising the importance of movement off the ball and problem solving.



Set up an area relevant to the number and ability of players. Two gates are placed halfway along the area, out to the sides. Two equal teams (Blues and Reds) start on opposite sides of the area – these teams work together to retain and switch the play.

Another team (Whites) act as defenders, while Yellows are neutral players. Two Yellows are placed outside the area at opposite ends.



In-possession teams (Blues and Reds) aim to pass through gates, or via the central Yellow player, to retain and switch possession. Every transfer into the opposite half is worth one point.

If the Whites win the ball back, they can play to Yellows for a point. Play restarts from Yellows. Work for one and a half minutes, then swap the pressing team.



Encourage players to adopt the correct body shape (half-turn) to allow them to receive to play forwards. Players should aim to play off one or two touches and look to make movement in behind and in between the lines.

Also encourage players to be positive and play penetrating passes. In possession, teams should make the area big and show courage and composure.



Players can now dribble through gates to break the lines. Encourage movement to still have four players in each half when in possession.

1. Set up a playing area with two gates halfway down the pitch.

2. Two teams (Blues and Reds), plus neutral players (Yellows), aim to retain and switch possession away from defenders (Whites) by playing through gates or using central Yellow player.

3. If the defenders (Whites) win possession, they can score a point by playing to the neutral players (Yellows). Play then continues with Yellows playing to the in-possession teams (Reds and Blues).

4. Progress the practice by allowing players to dribble through the gates as well as pass through. Encourage movement to keep equal numbers on each side of the playing area.

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