Build, control and create – Practice 2


In this practice, one team works on different patterns to build the play under pressure.



Set up using the full width of the pitch, with a second goal placed around the edge of the centre circle, depending on number and ability of players. Split the pitch into quarters. Depending on numbers, set teams up with 7 v 4 or 7 v 5 outfield players, plus a goalkeeper in each goal.



Playing from alternate ends, the goalkeeper plays into the centre-back before the press can start. Once the Reds break the lines (in this instance by going over the halfway line), the Blues can’t make recovery runs into the other half. The Reds must have a shot on goal within five seconds of breaking over the halfway line.

The movement of players off the ball dictates the pass options, to full-back, central midfielder or striker. The different starting positions of defenders also dictate attacking options:

A. Yellow option: Goalkeeper –> centre-back –> full-back (drive) –> striker (finish)

B. Blue option: Goalkeeper –> centre-back –> striker-> central midfielder (finish)

C. Red option: Goalkeeper –> centre-back –> central midfielder –> full-back (drive and finish).

The central midfielder works in both directions, acting as a number 10 when attacking.



Encourage players to adopt the correct body shape (half-turn) to allow them to receive to play forwards. Players should aim to play off one or two touches and look to break the lines quickly.

Encourage players to problem solve to create overloads (e.g. 3-v-2 + goalkeeper in build phase) and show courage and composure in possession.



One defender can recover into the attacking half.

1. Divide the playing area into quarters

2. Reds ( in possession) work on three patterns to build the play, under pressure from defenders (Blues).

3. Progress the practice to allow one defender to recover into the attacking half.

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