Embracing chaos – Practice


This game challenges players to work in a chaotic environment, requiring lots of decision-making, problem-solving and awareness. Players can also work on their ball manipulation and 1v1 skills, giving lots of outcomes.


Set up a playing area relative to the numbers, age and ability of your players. Place two mini goals at opposite ends of the area.

Split the area into four sections and place gates within each. Some sections may have just one gate, while others may have two.

Divide players into attackers and defenders – each attacker needs a ball.


Attacking players are able to travel with their ball between different areas, while the defenders are locked into their designated area.

In each area, there are different numbers of gates and defenders. Attackers win points by travelling through a gate.

If a defender wins the ball, they look to score in one of the mini goals. from which the attacking player retrieves their ball and then continues.

1. Set up an area divided into four sections, with a mini goal at each end and one or two gates in each section.

2. Divide players into attackers and defenders. Attackers each have a ball and are free to move anywhere. Defenders are locked into their section.

3. Attackers aim to dribble through any gate to score.

4. If defenders win the ball, they can score in either of the mini goals.


Encourage attackers to be positive in possession and look to shift defenders before attacking the space. Players can also be encouraged to hide, manoeuvre and reveal their ball, drawing a defender in before exploding into space quickly.

Remind players to play with their heads up as there will be a lot of players moving in different directions around the area.

More advanced players can also be encouraged to consider creating overloads in sections of the area, making it harder for defenders to protect the gates and win a ball.


Depending on the ability of your players, you might want fewer defenders than attackers to give the attackers more success, or an equal number to give attackers a greater challenge. You can also vary the number of gates for the same reason.


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