Build, control and create – Small-Sided Game


This practice looks to develop the two previous practices to build the play in a game-realistic environment.


Set up using the full width of the pitch, with a second full-size goal placed around the edge of the centre circle (depending on number and ability of players) and two mini goals placed out wide, in line with this full-size goal. Set up with the team attacking the full-size goal and two mini goals (Reds) having an overload (e.g. 6 v 5), with a goalkeeper in each main goal.


Play starts with the Reds’ goalkeeper, to build the play. Look for the team in possession to create a quick build-up, in order to break the lines and split the units to score into small goals, or the full-size goal in the middle.

Teams get two points for scoring in the full-size goals and one point for scoring in the mini goals. If the Blues win possession, they attack the opposite goal.

Players need to problem solve, develop intelligent movement off the ball by using the space in the wide areas and use the build-up options from the previous practice.


Encourage players to adopt the correct body shape (half-turn) to allow them to receive to play forwards.

Players should aim to play off one or two touches and look to break the lines quickly. Encourage players to problem solve to create overloads and show courage and composure in possession.

1. Using the full width of the pitch, set up a playing area with a full-size goal at each end and two mini goals at one end.

2. Reds work to build the play, with an overload of one player e.g 6 v 5. Each team plays with a goalkeeper.

3. Reds can score in the full-size goal (2 points) or the mini goals (1 point). If Blues win possession, they can attack the opposite goal, earning 2 points if they score.

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